Frequently Asked Questions

Who really needs this App?

Squarebit is intended for any company, big or small, that needs to implement and support an active health and safety program.

Do I really need a health and safety program?


Though not routinely enforced, legislation from provinces across Canada require businesses operate within local health and safety acts, codes and regulations. Having a system in place ensures you and your workers are going home at the end of the work day, as well as avoiding injuries that could have serious impacts to livelihoods.

How hard is it to implement a safety program?

The reality is that implementing a health and safety program is actually quite simple. With the right tools, of course. Squarebit intends to make the journey of implementing a health and safety program painless.

What's in it for me?

Using Squarebit to implement and maintain, or support an existing health and safety program sees instant benefit in:

  • Increased worker engagement in use of safety documentation
  • Reduced injury rates due to increased engagement
  • Increased, quality contracts with companies whom also support health and safety programs
  • Help in achieving and maintaining COR compliance through active demonstration that regular documents are completed
  • Reduced liability in the event that investigations are required through demonstration a safety program is implemented and maintained